About Blitzwolf

It all started early 2015 with a simple, bold idea, make what customers really want not just what they need.
Our passion for technology and relentless pursuit of innovation drives us to deliver ground-breaking new technologies in ways.
Our solutions are renowned for their iconic ergonomic design, Affordable price and high performance.
Trusted by many customers around the world, BlitzWolf continues to create products with uncompromising quality
that not only inspires, but also it transcend geography, customs, and cultures.


The BlitzWolf Story

Everyone charges, everyone runs flat, everyone’s had a bad cable and everyone has been confused with new tech.
They took these concerns and aimed to make reliable simple technology that lasts.


The Rise Of BlitzWolf

In 2010, micro USB gave you one cable for everything but when it came to “Fast charging”, each brand had its own fast protocol
and there was no charger for every device.
BlitzWolf developed Power3S to adapt and universally optimize charging speed, you could now have one charger for every device.
Not long after, the first 5 port desktop charger was born.


Built-in Android 9.0 system, you can watch Netflix and Youtube online, and easily enjoy the handheld cinema.
Built-in battery, fully charged can play movies continuously for more than 1.5-2 hours
Built-in Bluetooth speaker mode, enjoy the feast of hearing
New DLP technology, more advanced than ordinary LCD,
the picture quality can reach 1080P ultra-high-definition and high-brightness

Blitzwolf projectors have a compact design.
More details for video shooting.
For these reasons, there are challenging stages in the video shooting phase and in the pst production process.
It is necessary to pay attention to the technical specifications of the products during this period.
It is appropriate for a team to shoot such videos and outsource the post-production work.

What We Did

Brand Communication, Video shooting, Video editing and more

Worked with Blitzwolf brand through Banggood.

Video content was produced for Emre Konca Youtube channel.

Video content and product review process was successfully completed 3 times with Blitzwolf brand. In this process, shootings were made, preliminary scenarios were created and editing was completed.

Cinematic images were shot in accordance with the brand identity of the product review detail shots.

The video was made ready to be published on Youtube.